Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang (Vol 1-2) by Priest

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Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang (Vol 1-2) by Priest

Stars of Chaos is Chinese BL fantasy set in a slightly more modern alt-history Empire than the other books in the genre I’ve read. Westerners (spearheaded by the Pope!) have established trading and diplomatic relations with the Empire, and there’s new, exciting steam technology powered by violet gold. There are airships—with kites instead of balloons—and automatons among other things. The army especially makes use of these inventions, keeping the Empire powerful. But everyone covets the violet gold, making it worth wars and treachery.

Chang Geng is thirteen when barbaric northerners invade his small rural town, breaking a peace that’s lasted fourteen years, to stop the Empire draining their huge reserves of violet gold. But their presence in his town isn’t random: they want Chang Geng.

✅ Genre: Steampunk, Romance novel.

✅ Premium Quality Books.

✅ High Printing quality.

✅ Eye Friendly.

✅ Eco Friendly paper.

✅ Matt cover (Paperback).


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