Demon Slayer manga series (Vol 1-23) by Koyoharu Gotouge

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Demon Slayer manga series (Vol 1-23) by Koyoharu Gotouge

The story takes place in Taisho-era Japan (1912 – 1926) and our young protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado, is heading off down the cold and dangerous path from his mountain home into the town below to sell some coal so that he can help feed and clothe his family. He’s greeted well by the townsfolk who seem to love him, and it’s quickly revealed that Tanjiro seems to have an almost supernatural ability the rest of us do not (because of course he would), and the townspeople ask him to use it to aid in their squabbles, as well as requesting his assistance with other little things around the village. Before he knows it, it’s getting very late, and the path home is even more treacherous at night, as a kindly gentleman reveals to the reader that demons roam in the shadows of the woods. He insists Tanjiro stay the night with him, and return home in the morning, to which our little hero reluctantly agrees. The next morning he sets off back home, but to his horror, arrives there to find his family slaughtered. All perished with the exception of his little sister, who seems to have become a demon herself. Cue gag-worthy, cookie-cutter “mysterious” demon slaying stranger who’s cold-hearted yet righteous (and much too young-looking to be so cynical), who decides he sees something special in our young Tanjiro and his fang-y little sister, and sends them to meet an even more mystifying sensei who will train Tanjiro to become the thing demons have nightmares about. Cue the Rocky theme song and really corny (and again oh-so generic) training montage that only takes up half a chapter, but is meant to span about two years time, in which Tanjiro doesn’t seem to have aged at all other than some hair growth. There is also a suuuper, I’m talking extra large nacho cheese-y reveal at this point that actually made me snort and roll my eyes. Oh, and during all this training, Tanjiro’s sister has been (temporarily I’m sure) basically written out of the story for mere convenience sake, it would appear, due to some silly, lackluster excuse that happens off-page and barely explained to us in passing.

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