How I Learned to Understand the World by Hans Rosling

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How I Learned to Understand the World by Hans Rosling

One day he invited the founder of Mozambique’s liberation front. Only 8 people came, the author apologised to his guest, he was so embarrassed. His guest was gracious, spoke to every student, including the author. When will you graduate, he asked? When you graduate as a doctor, promise me you will come to Mozambique to practice. The author promised. The next year the guest was assassinated. It took him 10 years, including surviving cancer, but the author kept his promise and worked for 2 years as the only doctor in a Mozambique town.

It was utterly exhausting and overwhelming. The idea of having to cut up a dying foetus to take it out of the mother so that at least she has a chance of surviving is horrifying. But in doing so the hospital won the confidence of the villagers and eventually they could vaccinate. 20 years later, Mozambique had grown so much, advancing more quickly than Sweden had done when it was at Mozambique’s stage.

He tried to explain this progress to his students. Not only were the public health students not understanding this, they were worse than doctors who did not study public health, and even worse than chimpanzees randomly picking multiple choice answers. These were the people trying to help the poor and they firmly believed things that were factually wrong and operationally harmful. So he set out to teach and explain better.

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