Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

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Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

This washed my brain inside out. I only wish I had read this piece of Gold earlier in life . I bought the kindle version for less than $2. Its surprising how people have not paid much attention to this topic and there are only few books out there that explain how to deal with change. I loved this book and would have my family and friends read this too. The parable is so much intriguing yet simple. It made me think where I stand and represent whom (among the 4 characters) in the story. Yes it is only a parable with a couple pages of discussion on the parable. I do not understand the negative criticism here on the reviews. I think their dissatisfaction is valid if they expected this book to come at a lower price( paper copy) or if they expected long pages of discussion. In my opinion, the number of pages do not really matter that much. It is more about how the book hits you just right so that you are able to assimilate and see changes happening fast and easy. Most of the tough questions in life have real simple answers. Thank you for this amazing book.

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