The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

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The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, senior partners at LGE Performance Systems, are renown for helping well-known professional athletes achieve the highest level of success in their fields. In adapting their methods for business professionals, the authors found a greater challenge than in working with professional athletes. Athletes spend most of their “work” time practicing for a relatively short period of “performance”; business people have almost no practice time and their workdays consist primarily of “performance”. Additionally, most athletes have an off-season where they aren’t performing. The authors’ Corporate Athlete Training program is rooted in these facts, and THE POWER OF FULL ENGAGEMENT is their training program in book format.
In working with athletes at the highest level of performance, Loehr and Schwarz found that among the top people in a given sport who were matched in terms of talent and training, some performed more consistently than others. They found that the consistently high performers had unconscious rest/rejuvenation rituals that supported their high levels of performance. Core elements of the training program also include the concepts of balancing and building key areas of life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The authors provide tools to assist individuals in identifying key areas where they are lacking balance and/or not building in some of these areas.
The key thrust of the book is two fold – identifying the changes that should be made and then ensuring that the changes endure. The changes to be made include working fewer total hours, getting more sleep, eating healthily (eating many small meals, not a few large ones), exercising (building a combination of strength and endurance, but focusing on strength), taking work breaks (every 90-120 minutes), incorporating a brief mid-day nap if possible, delegating, and doing the most important things first. By having higher energy levels and better thought processes, more effective work is accomplished.
Loehr and Schwartz weave the story of one of their clients throughout the book – Roger B., a recently promoted sales manager who is in a downward spiral and grudgingly comes to their program at his boss’ insistence. A number of other success stories are told in briefer form as the book unfolds.
The authors stress the proper balance of work and recovery – challenging the system to do better without wearing it out or putting it in a chronic fatigue state, while allowing it to build & grow, much like an athlete must train to build strength and endurance without overtraining.
By using rituals – ” a behavior that becomes automatic over time – fueled by some deeply held value”, we conserve our energy. Changes in personal behavior often fail because there is too much energy that has to be put into the new behavior. By making the new behavior a ritual, that energy is not needed on an on-going basis and can be directed elsewhere. Additionally, the authors point out it takes 30 to 60 days for a new behavior to be cemented and occassional back-sliding is to be expected.
The exercises in the book allow you to create and work a very personalized plan. In developing, supporting, and applying your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual “muscles”, you become “fully engaged.” This enables you not only to produce high-quality work, but also increase your rates of effective output, thus eliminating the need to work excessive hours and neglect other parts of your life.
This is a book to be read, studied and used.

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