The Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod

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The Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod

Why is The Miracle Morning different? It has inspired me to be the successful entrepreneur I had always envisioned I would be “someday.” Not there yet, but I expect to be in 90 days. All along deep inside I knew I would most likely fail at this too, since that’s how I viewed everything I had attempted to do in my life. I was afraid of failure, so if I didn’t try I couldn’t fail. Right?

Hal shared all his real life traumatic and life altering experiences, failures and devastating financial set backs. Which I could relate to on a personal level. If Hal could go thru all that which is similar to my life experiences and he come out the other side more successful and found an even greater amount of financial freedom, then I could to. “If” I implemented all of the steps that enabled Hal to not only reach his goals but exceed his own expectations of those goals. Just like the restaurant scene from “When Harry met Sally”, I looked at Hal’s life and said to myself, “I want what Hal is having.”

The book made me go deep within myself and ask myself why did I fail? Basically it is what I would tell myself right before I would embark on a new job, a promise to a friend or family member that I would do something or be somewhere, my core being would say, “you know you won’t follow through.” My stomach would clench and I would fell sick inside. This would be followed by extreme guilt because I didn’t follow through on anything. Then my inner voice would say, “see I told you, you wouldn’t do it!” “You are such a failure. You can’t stick to your word or promises.”

This book has changed that mind set. Now I don’t tell myself “I will”, instead I tell myself, “I am”. When I journal I write, I am successful, I visualise myself being successful, what that feels like and last but not least how I am going to execute it. I visualise each and every step of the way. How those steps are going to make me feel. No more commitment issues. Those are not allowed! No excuses either . Those are replaced with accountability. No more self hate. Hate has been replace with self love, confidence, peace, joy and freedom. Like I said at the beginning, The Miracle Morning is a life changer!

I am going back to what my mother instilled in me from childhood and throughout my adult life which I had lost some where along the way. Mom: “Amy, you can do and be anything you want to do or be in the whole wide world. You are beautiful, intelligent, funny, strong, people like being around you and people love you. All you have to do is put your mind to it. Remember it’s mind over matter! If you believe you can then you can, BUT if you don’t believe you can then you won’t. It’s all yours for the taking…all you have to do is go out and get it.” What she left out was the “how to’s” how to set a goal and most importantly what actions need to be taken to reach and exceed my own expectations. Hal not only gives you the confidence that you can but he also gives you a plan of action. An action plan which will help you to execute those actions to reach your own level of success you’ve ever imagined but never knew quite how to get there. These steps can apply to any and every aspect of your life.

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