The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

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The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

Ed Seykota, a famous Commodity Trader, said once, “Everyone Gets what they want out of the markets.” As Napoleon Hill points out, you get what you want from life. People say, “I would love to be rich.” But few people really want to get rich. Hand out paper in a classroom of kids, and ask them what they want when they’re twenty, thirty, and forty, and few of them will write rich. Most people have what people would call, “Realistic Goals,” which in reality is simply the standard for which they have accepted there lives to be at, and what happens, the person, more times than not, gets exactly what they want. My cousin talks about having women all over the country, getting high, committing a crime, then whines and moans that he doesn’t like his life, what pathetic human beings we have in this world. People get from life exactly what they want. Where they are in life is exactly where they choose to be (not always in the physical realm, but in the emotional realm). Which is to say, you can be a rich man and have no money, thus be broke, but eventually, you won’t give up on making, and you can be a poor man and get millions of dollars and it to will leave you because you have no desire to be a rich man.

People get from life what they want. This book makes that as clear as can be. It’s 15 principles are the soundest, clearest, and most important in the world. It was the contention of Andrew Carnegie that if this was taught in school, one could cut down education in half. In a society crumbling in a world of entitlement, with no will, and just empty ideals, America needs this book more now than ever before.

Every success I have had is a big thanks to this book, and Think and Grow Rich, which is really a smaller version that I suggest people should carry around with them. They truly are, in my opinion, some of he greatest things ever written to guide people on the road of success. They are an economic philosophy. Not a road map. Not a hard fact business plan. But a lifestyle move that you must allow to take over your life so that you can make the life you wish to have.

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