The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit by Mel Robbins

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The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit by Mel Robbins

The High 5 Habit is exactly the book I needed right now. It’s been a long last almost 2 years and this book came to right at the time I needed it. I’m a fan of Mel and pre-ordered my copy so was able to read it right when it arrived! I had really high expectations because of The 5 Second Rule and I didn’t know if this book would be as good, but it really topped it. The book is loosely divided into 3 sections. First, Mel talks all about the power of a high five, the science of high fiving, and how to do the high five habit. I like how the book got right to the point and from the beginning included the most important information first. Then, she moves more broadly into how the brain changes and why we hold ourselves back and how with that information we can make changes through the high five habit. And she gives my favorite habit of the book, “looking for hearts” (which has a really deep meaning). The high 5 habit isn’t one habit, there’s actually many of them in the book.

In the next section, she takes a turn and goes into the biggest things that hold us back from a high five life, and really dives into each thing, like jealousy, guilt, anxiety. And then gives habits to help with each. Mel also shares really honest and moving stories from her life and others, and doesn’t hold back at all in describing her behavior in the past. Given how successful she is now, you know that the tools really really work. And then the final section, takes a turn and moves more into what I can only call the “deeper” realm. But with the flow of the book it really works. I don’t want to give anything away but Mel shares 2 really powerful stories that illustrate what happens when you use these habits, and especially the one with the painting had me in tears. It was such a beautiful ending and somehow the book combines what you expect from this kind of book, motivational self help inspirational stuff, with memoir, really deep spiritual insights, a big pep talk, and it’s still really easy and entertaining to read.

I highly recommend this book to just about anyone of any age. And if you’re skeptical too Mel lays it all out, there’s so much science here. I feel like I have the tools to create a better relationship with myself and as Mel says, that sets the tone for everything in life. I also like how everything in this book is really easy and can be taught to people of any age. I’m definitely going to buy a copy for my daughter. Overall thank you so much Mel for writing such an amazing book and I’m excited to take the high 5 challenge (practicing the high 5 habit for five days in a row.)

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