The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

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The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

As you get through the first few “chapters” your mind will be reeling with the insights– they really are more subtle than the fun tone suggests at first. Then, you look at the 300 pages that remain and realize how PACKED this book is with eye opening insights– wow. This is one of those rare books after which you never look at the world, your life, or your relationships the same, EVER again!

Even if you’ve studied these mistakes and biases for years, or are an expert in the field (an “authority?” oh, oh), Rolf’s “multiple angle” style of illustration, story telling, examples, descriptions and taxonomy really drives the trap home in deeply understandable, gut ways you might not have experienced with other authors. A dry topic like exit barriers is generalized with an error about sunk costs, and examples given for everything from relationships to habits, never mind investments! Though he is a friend of Taleb’s, don’t believe the hype that this is a “business” or investing book– its examples and applications range much farther than that universe, down to our daily unconscious choices and patterns.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys seemingly light page turners that turn out to be much deeper and life changing. NOT a self help tome, in fact he makes great fun of self helpers, showing them the covariate mirror where they ignored their own genetics and luck to get there, having nothing to do at all with the “techniques” they are now espousing and promoting. Best of all, this is a guy who continually makes fun of himself and tells many stories about his own “stupidity” — subtly teaching us he’s caught on to the subtlest trickster of all– ego.

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