Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

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Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

Reading this book I soon realized that no matter what Knight was talking about–Nike’s flaws or Nike’s triumphs–he was a great storyteller. Just as he mentions embedding his sons into historical events in their nightly bedtime story, Knight mindfully embeds the reader into the history of Oregon, America, and the shoe industry. Somehow he made it all sound exciting.

I was worried that the book would not be complete. It doesn’t have a table of contents so until you get it, you don’t know that it’s the history of Nike from 1962-1980. Each year is a chapter, and then he sums up the last twenty years of Nike in a chapter at the end. But it all makes sense: Knight ends the book in the year he took his company public. I’m sure he had more adventures to tell, but he got out the main story of all of his hard-fought battles with competitors, athletes, governments, and ultimately himself.

Since I’ve been to the HQ (which employees call the campus), I know there are dozens of more stories. They’re all bigger than life. Each building has a history of its own and every time I’m out there, they’re building another cluster of buildings. (I was told they stopped naming buildings after people who are alive because of the Lance Armstrong debacle.) Pretty soon they’ll buy the whole town of Beaverton and just call it Nike Town. There are stories like Tiger Woods breaking a glass window that houses the lap pool–an entire football field away.

That’s what you get with Nike: incredible story after incredible story. Guess what the call the marketing department? Nike Story. It makes perfect sense. It’s where they articulate the soul of Nike to the world. If there ever was a company with soul, Nike is it. (No pun intended: sole/soul.) This book really captures the amazing story of a businessman and his vision. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship, teamwork, leadership, track, shoes, or Oregon should pick it up for sure. You won’t regret it!

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