No Exit: A Novel by Taylor Adams

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No Exit: A Novel by Taylor Adams

Darby is a college student, on her way to see her Mom, who is dying from cancer. She is forced to stop at a rest stop up on a mountain when the weather becomes too bad for her to continue. At this stop, she finds several other travelers, but Darby is mainly interested in trying to get hold of her sister. She accidentally discovers a kidnapped little girl locked in a van, and is forced into action to try and save her.

The plot was good, and well thought out, even though, as I said, the reveal is early on, there is an air of suspicion around all the characters, and you suspect there is more you don’t know, but i wasn’t able to put it all together until the end. Overall, the plot is believable in the sense that this could conceivably happen. People get trapped in snowstorms all the time, so they were forced into this situation. Darby was a good character, if not a bit overly mature for her age, but whatever, this book could never of happened had she been a typical teen.

The only thing I really didn’t like was what I stated earlier. Darby just happened to be a lot more clever than the average teen or adult. She was exceptionally clear-headed, and while her thinking was very logical, and I couldn’t fault her for that, I just found it hard to believe she’s be this clever in real life, under those circumstances. She also ran into a convenient bit of both good and bad luck that further escalated the situation. What teen girl goes on a dangerous road trip and leaves her charger when her phone is her lifeline to her mom? I know she was under duress, but she had some time before she left, and as important as phones are in general, especially to her situation – it was just a bit hard to believe. Didn’t she have a car charger? A little too convenient, IMO, but I guess it could happen.

Good book with lots of tension, and fast pace. Good for people who like stories about average Joe/Janes outsmarting the criminal.

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