Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller

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Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller

Good short read to pump you up. Here are a few pointers I took from this book.
1. Attitude is the filter/window through which we see the world e.g. optimistic vs pessimistic, problems vs solutions etc. It’s the first step i.e. only if the attitude is right, we can apply others principles of success
2. What we think, what we become. Our actions are guided by our thoughts. We attract what we think. But to achieve something, we need a strong belief. Sometimes we fail or never even take our first step because of the negative attitude i.e self doubt. Attitude plus action is the key. Positive self talk is important. Never say to yourself that you can’t do this, always say I will Rai and do this.
3. Imagine yourself to success. Visualization of our desired future and repeatedly imagining it to the point we start believing in it leads to success.
4. Commitment is willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve our objective. Until one is committed, there will be hesitancy. You become a champion by fighting one more round. If things are very tough, just persevere for one more round, don’t give up, temporary defeats are fine but you will win in the end. My problem is self image and commitment. Just take the steps, struggle, and then the resources will come to you on their own.
5. Problems are opportunities to grow. No pressure, no diamonds. Look for positives in adversities. If one door closes, a wider one opens. “Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”
6. THOUGHTS WORDS BELIEFS ACTIONS RESULTS. E.g Because Tom doesn’t believe in his sales ability, he takes very little ACTION, or he takes actions that aren’t productive. He doesn’t do the things that would be necessary to succeed in sales.
7. Words are most important. Let me assure you I’m not a believer in “burning bridges” when it comes to personal or business relationships. But sometimes the only way to move forward in life—and to achieve an ambitious goal—is to cut off all avenues of retreat. Therefore, use words that are consistent with the path you truly wish to be on … take action along those lines … and watch yourself begin to travel in that wonderful direction!
8. When someone asks you how are you, always reply with vigour and positivity that you feel great or terrific.
9. Don’t complain. Think of positives in every situation. Try to put things in a way which makes it sound positive. Our mind hears them and our actions too.
10. Associate yourself with positive people and limit the influence of the toxic people in your life. Re-evaluate your friendship, choose your friends wisely. learned to confront my fears and take action. Of course, I wouldn’t have confronted my fears if I hadn’t first developed a positive attitude. A “can-do” attitude provided me with the extra push I needed to take action.
11. Expand the comfort zone. The farther you are from your comfort zone, the higher the level of anxiety/ fear of feel. Its good to be uncomfortable. Face your fears, take action and make it part of your comfort zone.
12. Don’t fear failures. Fail enough and then succeed. Try not to fail but if you fail accept it. If you think you have tried enough and still failing, then ask yourself -1. Do I have the skills to succeed or am I trying to learn what I don’t know, 2. Have I tried enough or should I try more, 3. Am I committed to succeed, 4. Am I surrounded with negative influences, 5. Am I trying to avoid failures. If you make it your business to learn from every defeat and stay focused on the end result you wish to attain, failure will eventually lead you to success!
13. Networking is highly underrated. Connect with new people. Reconnect and call acquaintances for no specific reason and without expectation, just to know how they are doing. Be a good listener and treat everyone with respect.
14. Finally, life is least about what happens to us, it’s all about how you react to it i.e. what’s our attitude towards what happens to us.

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